What is DLE?

DLE stands for Det lokale eltilsyn (the local electricity supervision). DLE is a division of the electric power companies. Their task is to reduce the number of injuries and accidents due to electrical causes.


The electric power companies are required by law to supervise all electrical installations they deliver electricity to. Their department for this supervision is called DLE. The electric power companies may also hire specialist companies to perform the supervision on their behalf. DLE visits residential homes and holiday homes, as well as businesses, to control their electrical installations. They will for example control the fuse box and sockets. If DLE find minor errors, you will be given a warning and a deadline to fix the error. If they find potentially dangerous errors, they might have to cut the power and call an electrician immediately. This is to make sure you and your home are safe.

Before a visit from DLE, you will receive information from your electric power company. A representation from DLE or a specialist company will perform the supervision in your home. They will also give you good advise on how to stay electrically safe. You will have to be at home for the supervision. The supervision is totally free and is a great way to find out if your home is safe for you and your family.